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We want to partner with your school to:


  Improve Student Behavior

  Strengthen Test Scores

  Enrich Instructional Time

  Increase Academic Achievement

  Complement Existing School Themes

  Enhance Motivational Climate at School

Our school-wide character education program centers around a 45 minute assembly called The NED Show. NED is a loveable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best. Teachers love that NED is simple, relatable and kid-focused.

Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best
The NED Program



PDF download for one page program overview

Print this overview PDF to share with your Principal, Counselor or PTA/PTO Representative who schedules assemblies.




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"The show was great and the school loved the message. We had the assembly two years 
ago and this message has stuck and been the most powerful out of all the different assemblies/acronyms we have tried to build on. Thanks!" L Anderson, Amity Elementary, Amity, OR
"The NED experience was brilliant—the children and staff loved it. The playground is buzzing with the NED quotes! Many children have already purchased yo-yos and lots of parents have been telling me how much their children enjoyed the assembly." LC Mallett, Great Linford Primary, Milton Keynes, UK