The NED Pledge

Invite your students to take the NED Pledge! It's fun and easy, just follow along with this short engaging video.


Testing Tips Rap

Set the tone on test prep with this fun, catchy rap. Three students and Two NED performers drop knowledge on preparing for a big test.


Friendship Soup

Is there one secret ingredient to making Friendship Soup, or are there several? Find out what these kids think!



You Can Be An Upstander

In this animated 4 minute video, NED demonstrates what it takes to go from being a bystander to an upstander. Learn how to stand up to bullying with  four out-of-this-world actions!

This video and reference sheet show you how to adjust
your yo-yo string to the correct length for you!



How to Use NED's Weaving Wheel


Do you have a Create & Celebrate Friendship Bracelet Kit? Eleven-year old Natalie will show you how to use NED's Weaving Wheel! Printed instructions are included in your kit, so you can follow along if you want.

Fun Activities!


String Adjusting
The NED Show - School Assembly logo
Acronym for NED - Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best