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Build on the excitement created by The NED Show and use our free lesson plans to reinforce the messages of the assembly!

K-6 Lesson Plans


BOOKS with corresponding activities

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• Building Background VIDEO lesson plans

• Includes RESOURCE GUIDE of recommended books

THEMES: Building Relationships, Preventing Bullying

  (Coming soon: Academic Achievement and Goal Setting)

These lesson plans were created BY teachers FOR teachers. A special note of appreciation to teachers at the Indian Prairie District 204 in Naperville, Illinois and at Turtle Creek Elementary School in Delavan, Wisconsin. We value our teachers - your jobs are hard and we hope to make them a bit easier by providing free resources.

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Common Core Aligned    K-6 Lessons, Activities, Video Lessons

Key Achieving Excellence topics include:


• Never Give Up

• Encourage Others

• Do Your Best

• Effort

• Personal Best

• Practice

• Overcoming Obstacles

• The Rewards of Working Hard

• Exceeding Expectations







Meet professionals who embody the NED messages and describe the steps they took to achieve excellence in their careers. These personal stories are a fun and effective way to inspire excellence in your students! Video Lessons include writing prompts, discussion starters, activities and printables.

Excellent Work! How Anna Banana

Freeze Became a Breakdancer


Excellent Work! How Molly Moon Achieved the Ice Cream Dream

Excellent Work! Mark and Colleen’s Road Map to PopCap

Anna’s story of passion and effort demonstrates the rewards that come with always doing your best.


(638 KB)

Molly accomplished something big through working hard and believing in herself.


(580 KB)

Mark and Colleen credit their career success to sticking with challenges and never settling for “just good enough.”


(776 KB)




Common Core Aligned    K-6 Lessons, Activities, Video Lesson

Key Preventing Bullying topics include:


• Never Give Up on helping your school to be safe

• Encourage Others to be upstanders with you

• Do Your Best with the upstanding ways you can use to stop bullying at your school

• Standing up to Bullying

• Creative Problem Solving

• Welcoming All People

• Tattling vs Telling

• Confidence

Resource Guide includes overview of book titles, printables and CCSS.



You Can Be an Upstander - Lesson Plan Video

In this animated 4 minute video, NED demonstrates what it takes to go from being a bystander to an upstander. Students will have fun learning how to stand up to bullying with these four out-of-this-world actions: 1) Be a Buddy 2) Interrupt 3) Speak out 4) Tell someone!

'You Can Be an Upstander' Video Lesson includes writing prompts, discussion starters, activities and printables.

(436 KB)




Key Building Relationship topics include:


• Never Give Up  Perseverance & Focus

• Encourage Others Kindness & Shared Learning

• Do Your Best Diligence & Excellence

• Family and Friends

• Respect for Self and Others

• Dealing with Change

• Developing Skills

Common Core Aligned    K-5 Lessons, Activities, Video Lesson

Resource Guide includes overview of book titles, printables and CCSS.

'Friendship Soup - Lesson Plan Video

If friendship were a soup, what ingredients would be in it?

In this whimsical 3 minute video, friends describe what ingredients are necessary to create ‘friendship soup.’


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Friendship Soup' Video Lesson includes writing prompts, discussion starters, activities and printables.

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                   A NEDucational Approach to Character Development

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• Assembly Recap

• Four books with corresponding activities

 Writing Prompts - Short, Scenario & Audio

• CCSS - Aligned with Common Core State Standards

• Library Resource Guide of all recommended books









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