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Champion Behavior at School & Home

Every child can be a champion if they remember the message of NED and apply it to their lives. We partner with parents to give you and your child opportunities to interact over the NED message and open doors to conversation about character and champion-behavior. After all, home is the heart of character education.

After your child sees the assembly, invite NED into your home with the resources we offer.

assembly recaps

Grade-specific recaps include Big Ideas to Reinforce and suggest how NED's tips can be used at school, home and in life.

The NED Show is an all-school assembly program, designed to promote positive attitudes, better behavior and improve academic achievement through character education. We’ve motivated more than 25 million students in the past two decades and will perform at more than 5,500 schools in cities around the world this year. Presented through storytelling, humor, visuals and audience participation, The NED Show motivates…encourages…INSPIRES your kids to become Champions at school and in life.


We teach three vital yet simple skills that bring out the champion in every kid by sharing the story of NED, whose name is also an acronym:

"If my son's enthusiasm is any indication, I would say that the NED message 
is certainly being taken to heart at his school. If I may say so, I think pairing such a positive message with such a fun toy 
is a real stroke of genius and we are very happy that he wishes to be a part of it" C. Weston-Lee, Parent | 10/18/13
Acronym for NED - Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best
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