Returning your NED product

Greetings from The NED Show!

Thank you for recently hosting our assembly.  We’re here to help you ship the unsold product back.


  1. Begin by locating your school’s ID number, which is found on your school label on the “We Pay the Freight!” form.

  2. Generate and print labels - click on button to the right.

  3. Condense the items into the least amount of boxes by removing the plastic spacers to make room for the Holsters and String Packs. You are welcome to mix the yo-yos and accessories.  Tape up to three boxes together as one bundle to make the fewest possible shipping units.  Recycle any empty boxes.

  4. Tape the boxes securely and adhere one label to each bundle of boxes (sample image on “We Pay the Freight!” form).

  5. Once your return shipment is prepared, have the boxes ready at reception for the next time a UPS driver stops by for deliveries.  If you do not have a regular UPS service, please drop-off the shipment at the nearest authorized UPS counter.


If you encounter any troubles with regard to weight or bundling the boxes, please contact Customer Care, so we can provide you with a UPS statement which approves this shipment.


Download PDF Instructions

Print UK Labels

Toll Free Phone: 0-800-328-6816

Customer Care x101

Accounting x114

School payments x143

Fax: 0 800 471 5211