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Lesson Plans (K-6)  Aligned to Common Standards

Each includes: Lesson Plans, Suggested Books, Video(s), Classroom Resources

Growth Mindset Lessons



The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes   |  A4

A Perfectly Messed Up Story   |  A4

How to Grow a Brain   |  A4

The Most Significant Thing  |  A4

Mistakes That Worked  |  A4

How to Grow a Brain   |  A4

Never Give Up Lessons



The Little Engine that Could   |  A4

Luke Goes to Bat   |  A4

Thank You, Mr. Falker   |  A4

A Boy Called Slow   |  A4

Junkyard Wonders  |  A4

Snowflake Bentley   |  A4

Martin's Big Words   |  A4


Encourage Others Lessons


And Two Boys Booed   |  A4

Giraffes Can't Dance   |  A4

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon   |  A4

Do Your Best Lessons

Building Relationships Lessons


Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale   |  A4

Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude   |  A4

Tallulah's Solo  |  A4

A Bad Case of Stripes  |  A4

The Lemonade War  |  A4

The Orphan of Ellis Island  |  A4

Keep Kindness Going Lessons


Kindness is Cooler  |  A4

The Kindness Quilt  |  A4

Each Kindness  |  A4

Pay It Forward Kids - Chapter 3  |  A4

Pay It Forward Kids - Chapter 4  |  A4

Pay It Forward Kids - Chapter 11  |  A4

Pay It Forward Kids - Chapter 12  |  A4

Preventing Bullying Lessons


Bullies Never Win     |   A4

Chester Raccoon & The Big Bad Bully   |   A4

Mean Jean, The Recess Queen    |   A4

Mr. Lincoln's Way   |   A4

Shredderman    |   A4

Matilda   |   A4

Who Was Jackie Robinson?   |   A4

Achieving Excellence Lessons


Martha Blah Blah  |  A4

Amazing Grace  |  A4

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed  |  A4

Now and Ben   |  A4

Chocolate by Hershey   |   A4

Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Change   |  A4

Testing Prep Lessons

Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!      |   A4

Testing Miss Malarkey      |   A4

The Big Test      |   A4


Special Topics

Each PDF Download includes a variety of resources such as a bulletin board kit, student activity and other printables.


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Preventing Bullying 

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Instructional Activities

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NED Reflection 
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Encourage Others 

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Bulletin Board Kits

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Ten Testing Tips 

The Upstanders  

The NED Pledge


Awards & Incentives

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Classroom Décor

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Fun/Art Activities

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