Program Cost

There are three ways you can invite NED to your school.


Most schools choose our Pay-It-Forward (no cost) option, because it allows them to host the program without taking a penny from their school budget!


Click options below for more information.

  • 1     Pay-It-Forward                                     $0

    99% of schools we visit choose this option.


    Here's how it works:

    When a school chooses the Pay-It-Forward option, they receive The NED assembly and all of our resources without paying a fee. In return, the school runs a Pay-It-Forward sale. Each school's effort at selling NED gear, like yo-yos, makes it possible for our program to visit the next school. Schools appreciate getting a valuable program that doesn't affect their budget. Kids love having a hands-on activity that helps them put NED's message in motion. Parents are happy to see their kids engaged in a non-electronic toy that spans across generations.


    • There are no minimum sales requirements
    • All items come with a 100%
      satisfaction guarantee
    • We pay for return shipping of
      any unsold items



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  • 2     Standard Fee                                 $1200

    With this option, your school receives:

    • The NED Show, 45 minute assembly


    If more than one performance is required to accommodate all students, a fee of $400 is added for each additional performance.

  • 3     Fee Deluxe                        $1200 - $2300

    With this option, your school receives:

    • The NED Show, 45 minute assembly

    • A NED yo-yo for each student in attendance.


    Price varies depending on number of students.

    Please contact us for more information.

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