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  • Trees for Survival
    100 students

    Tauranga, New Zealand

    The school has an on-site growing unit where the students tend to looking after shrubs from a small stage to have them ready to plant out at various locations around the area. This involves re-potting the plants until there is an available area to plant. A number of students are then selected to go with the adults to do the planting out.


    This growing unit is located in the school garden which the students also tend to. Trees are an invaluable resource for the planet and by being involved in this program we are promoting sustainability and provide a lifeline to cleaner air and a healthier environment.


    “Our students now understand the value of trees as well as beautification of the areas being planted.”


  • Caring for Care One
    K-8 Students

    Morristown, NJ

    Each month, the Democratic Governance Room Representatives vote for a community service project of the month. They voted to create decorations for AFTER the holidays for seniors. Students in this K-8 school worked with their buddy classes to create winter themed decorations for the residents of the nursing facility named Care One in our town. The DG Representatives thought that it was not enough to just drop the items off, so they voted to spend an afternoon with the residents to create decorations with them. It was a great afternoon of conversations, crafting and creating new friendships. They have invited the residents of Care One to join us for "Bring your Parent to Lunch Day" at our school in June due to the overwhelming success!



    “We learned that our aging community would love to continue to make connections with the youth of the community!”

  • Post Holiday Essential Items Collection
    National Jr. Honor Society & other Students

    Oak Hill, FL

    This National Jr. Honor Society chapter asked their local organizations what they were in need of and when, they responded: “The bulk of donations come during the holidays and we really struggle to meet the needs of the community after the holidays. Since government assistance aids the needy with a food allowance, the majority of our community needs basic items like toothpaste and baby wipes.”

    They took that to heart and started an Essential Items Collection in January with a goal to deliver items with love, on Valentine’s Day. They met that goal and collected over 1000 essential items for the needy. The school and NJHS advisors helped motivated the staff and students to give back! The Essential Items Collection sparked interest in giving back and and shined light on a local organization that needs the help of our community. They intend to do this drive every January to ramp up the supplies for the post-holiday needs of our very special community.


    “Our community demonstrated a need for essential items after the holiday "rush" of donations.”

  • Project Linus: Blanket Drive
    K-5 Students + 55 volunteers

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    For the entire year, this school had a theme focused on Community Service.  As a staff, they reflected on how important it is to be a productive member of society. Teachers and staff were purposeful in teaching these concepts and ideals to their students in an ongoing manner. However, they noted that they lacked a ‘hands-on’ aspect to their instruction. As a result, they have determined the old adage, ‘It is better to give than receive’ is best taught using actual projects that have a positive impact on our community. Students even gave up a Halloween and Winter party to participate in Community Service Projects all year long...and nobody complained!


    The students, staff and volunteers at Madison Elementary worked together to create 35 fleece blankets. The blankets were given to children who are experiencing some type of trauma, often in cancer wards at local hospitals.”

  • Care Packages for Veterans
    35 - 5th Grade Students

    Lake Park, Iowas

    They purchased items such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, socks, granola bars, etc. and packaged them into Ziploc bags. They were delivered to the VA Clinic in Spirit Lake, Iowa and distributed to veterans receiving healthcare at the clinic. Students also wrote a note of thanks to veterans. The veterans have been so appreciative - students even received some thank yous in the mail. Some students were able to also receive a tour of the clinic and talk about careers in the military and health care from the staff at the clinic. They were surprised to learn that 2100 veterans use the clinic in this region and they only provided 60 bags. They started out with a small grant and after such a positive response and great experience, they would like to continue to do this activity and involve more students and serve more veterans.


    This school felt that the veterans were a group of people who do not get thought of much in their community.

  • Kindness Coins: Book Drive
    K-1 Students

    Milton, WA

    Some students in this school live in temporary housing and are in need of books and resources. This school wanted to put books in the hands of kids who do not have books, or cannot afford them. Their PTO sponsored a kindness coin drive where we collected over $1,200 in coins. The coins are being used to purchase books for over 90 kids in their school who cannot afford to purchase books on their own.


    “We all deserve books, and we all deserve to read.”

  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Fundraiser
    Pre-K - 8th grade students

    Chicago, IL

    This school participated in the 3 week campaign to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Student Series Program. The children collected coins from home as well as online donations. They found cause to be very worthy of their time and donations. They are teaching their students about being generous and helping those in need, even people we do not know. This small school of only 195 students raised over $10,000.00 in 3 weeks to help the LLS find a cure for cancer! They want their students to help others in the community and do so because it is the right thing to do.


    “The students learned the value of helping others, just like them, who are not as healthy.”

  • First Responders
    Pre-K - 6th grade students

    St. Petersburg, FL

    These students were challenged to earn money through chores so that they could make a donation towards a First Responders Luncheon. They provided lunch for a little over 100 first responders. Each "hero" received a sub sandwich, chips, dessert, and a drink.


    Food was set up in the school library so that community responders could eat on campus or take a "grab-n-go" lunch bag. Lunches were also delivered to the nearby fire stations and sheriff's office for those that could not leave their posts. The first responders were incredibly grateful for the lunch. More importantly, they appreciated the respect and honor from these students.


    This school wanted their Community First Responders - fire fighters, law enforcement, and EMTs -  to know that they were appreciated for the sacrifices they make to keep this community safe.

  • T.E.D.I. Bear Drive

    Students, Staff & Community

    Roanoke Rapids, NC

  • Christmas Kindness
    Wulguru State School

    Townsville, Queensland

    Throughout the year, this classroom focused on "Confetti Kindness" (Kindness is like confetti, spread it everywhere!).  The class brainstormed the great things they love about Christmas Day and spending it with family and friends and then discussed the professions that miss out on these due to their job requirements. Students put together disposable coffee cups filled with candy canes, chocolates, tea, coffee and hot chocolate, along with sugar and a note of thanks. The cups were delivered to the staff of the 2 hospital departments that had to work a Christmas Day shift.

    "Students had a blast working together, knowing that despite not seeing the staff's faces these gifts would be sure to bring a smile to them."

  • Friendship Bracelets
    K-5 students & families

    Malibu, CA

    We chose this project to transcend the idea of "kindness” at the school and community level to a more global perspective. To accomplish this the "friendship bracelet" project introduces students to the education conditions and barriers that many students face in developing countries such as Ethiopia.  The bracelets are a gift to the children in celebrating the opening of their new primary school through the imagine1day non-profit organization. Students made bracelets during art, lunch time, after school and at home. As a school, students made over 500 friendship bracelets to give to students in Ethiopia. Volunteers traveling to Ethiopia in April of 2017 will bring the friendship bracelets to the kids in the Filangur community as a symbolic expression of the students' bright futures that lies ahead. The bracelets are also a gesture of unity to ensure more kids in Ethiopia have access to a high quality education.



    The Juan Cabrillo Kids from Malibu, California were excited to share their kindness by making over 500 handmade bracelets that will travel over 9,000 miles to reach the children in the Filangur community of Ethiopia."

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