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2015 Keep Kindness Going Gallery

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  • Go Baby Go

    700 students

    Highland Elementary  Hamilton, Ohio

    February - March 2015


    This school learned of a very special project to help modify a toy car so that a child with developmental disabilities could have a playful way to help them crawl and walk. They set a goal to raise $250-$300 so they could build ONE special car for one child. Classroom accepted donations and earned stickers, car hand stamps. Money started pouring in from everywhere – emptying piggy banks, finding loose change in the sofa’s, earning money from chores, donating piggy banks and more! Classroom held craft sales, snow cone sales and even collected money from spirit days. Imagine donating $1 to wear your PJ’s to school or  $ .50 to wear a hat!


    They creatively charted their contributions as a car race. The reward for each grade level team was the joy of knowing they made a difference. Their goal of earning enough to purchase 1 special car was surpassed. The students donated $2,400 and allowed them to build 7 cars. Imagine their surprise when they discovered that a new teacher at their school was actually on the waiting list for one of these cars for her very own child. More than any other character project they have done, this one made the students realizes that they could really make a difference. There were 30 cars like this in their county but after their fund “RACER”, there are now 37. These students were proud to help!


    “Our students learned that if everyone participates as a team, we can do anything we want to do. We can make a positive difference in the lives of others. We can make our community a more compassionate and better place.”

  • Kindness Matters
    2nd & 3rd grade Students

    Central Primary, Arkadelphia, AR

    January 2015


    Central Primary School students participated in Keep Kindness Going Community Service Project.  During the week, each class collected money and used that money to do a random act of kindness in our school or community

    • Mrs. Fielding’s class walked to Sonic and used their money to pay the bill for many unsuspecting Sonic customers. Everyone was so grateful and many kept kindness going by giving the car-hop an extra generous tip. Happy Customers! Happy Car-Hops! Happy Students!
    • Mrs. Smithey’s class cleaned the cafeteria tables each day. This made the food service workers extra happy. They also made cards for residents of a local nursing home.
    • Mrs. Cannon’s class collected tooth brushes and tooth paste for children who may be placed in protective custody through Dept. of Human Services.
    • Mrs. Taylor’s class used their money to purchase Valentine Cards for any students who were not able to get their own.
    • Mrs. William’s class wrote thank you cards to local community servants. They were so grateful to receive them that they wrote cards back to the students. They REALLY kept kindness going.
    • Mrs. Crow’s class gave their money to a very special food service lady in the school. Her husband is very sick and the bills were piling up. She said the money came at JUST the right time.
    • Mrs. Sheridan’s class took special kindness notes and a bag of cookies to each class and staff member at the school. They cleaned and vacuumed their own classroom so that the Custodian would have one less classroom to clean each day.
    • Mrs. McBride’s class stocked the teacher’s lounge with amazing snacks and drinks for the teachers to enjoy.
    • Mrs. Robertson’s class purchased bears and made cards for the school counselor to give to other students in need of a special hug.
    • Mrs. Harris’s class surprised their room mom with flowers and a book of letters showing kindness and appreciation of her.
    • Mrs. Parillon’s class bought $5 Sonic gift cards to give to some very deserving helpers in the school and community.
    • ALL Central students made special Valentine Cards for children in Arkansas Children’s Hospital so that every child patient had a handmade card on this special day.


    “We learned that kindness really does matter to EVERYONE and it feels good to be kind. We also learned that when someone is shown kindness, they often pass that kindness on to others”



  • Crunchy, Crispy Creations for Animals
    4th and 5th grade honor students

    Evangel Christian School, Long Island, NY

    March 2015


    Millions of stray or abandoned animals fill shelters and rescue facilities across the United States. Animals in the shelters are frequently feeling stressed and nervous and they refuse to eat. A delicious, nutritious homemade treat just might be what gets them interested in eating.


    These students gathered to bake4 dozen cat treats and 5 dozen dog biscuits for the Animal Care & Control Center of NYC. They had a great time baking and packaging the treats and then they delivered them to the Animal Care & Control Center of NYC.


    “Our students expressed a desire to help abandoned and mistreated animals. Because of their age, they could not volunteer in an animal shelter so we had to find a way to allow the students to help out. This was a GREAT solution and they learned that showing kindness to others includes our furry friends as well.”




  • Giving Back to Our Troops
    K-5 School wide project – led by 5th grade students

    Highland Elementary School, Owensboro, KY

    February - March 2015


    After visiting War memorials this year, these 5th grade students researched specific veterans who have given their lives for our freedom. They wanted to have a project to GIVE BACK to soldiers in their community at Fort Campbell.  They collected 9 different items to be used for deployed soldiers and soldiers in training. They visited classrooms daily and created excitement and interest in the project school-wide. They collected 1,500 items in 2 weeks – hand sanitizer, tissues, toiletries, DVD’s, books, magazines, gum, lip balm and sunscreen to help make the lives of our soldiers easier and better.


    “Our kids learned that kindness can be simple. Who would think about lip balm or sunscreen as a way to say thank you? Our kids continued to realize that these everyday items are not picked up easily when deployed and how simply we can help. Simple. We don’t have to be rocket scientists-we can synergize to make life better for those around us.”



  • Give Warmth
    K-5th grade Students

    Madison Elementary, Mt. Vernon, WA

    February - March 2015


    Madison Elementary School students decided they wanted to help the homeless and felt that a blanket drive was the way to go. They put blanket drive boxes and flyers at 14 locations, including other schools, the Mayor’s office and other community locations. They brought in 80 new or gently used blankets for the homeless shelter in their community!


    “Our kids learned that helping others feels great. The homeless shelter sent a representative who shared about grownups and kids with no place to live in our town. They were happy to have 80 blankets to share with people-especially when the shelter is full.”



  • Cookies for the Troops

    Two 1st grade classes and our local Girl Scout entrepreneur

    First Avenue Elementary   San Manuel, AZ

    January and February 2015


    We asked our school community (PK-6th), family and friends to donate any spare change to help us raise $200 so we could purchase 50 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for our troops overseas. The support we received was tremendous! We surpassed our $200 goal by 68% for an overwhelming $336 which allowed us to send 84 boxes of cookies.


    We wanted to provide a 'real world' experience for the first graders using money-sorting, identifying, and counting. So many in our small rural community have family members serving in the military. We want to continue to support and express our appreciation for the sacrifice our military and their families are making and have made.


    “With everyone's support great things can happen.”


  • Pay It Forward Community Helpers
    1st -5th grade Students

    PS 214, New York

    March 2015


    This school helped people keep their community a good place but hanging over 350 posters and banners around their community to encourage everyone to save the earth and the community.


    “Kindness is always a great way to be a great person."

  • Feeding Haiti
    Nutter Fort Intermediate School,

    Nutter Fort, WV

    March 2015


    A teacher from this school travels every other year to deliver money to their “Sister School” in Haiti. The money is used to purchase hundreds of school lunches for students in Haiti.


    The school also does a monthly service project. Here are a few of their ideas:

    • Rang Bells for Salvation Army
    • Collected Items for the Ronald McDonald House
    • Made blankets for the local Mission
    • Collected slippers for Seniors


    “We learned how it feels to make sure other children get the food they need.”

  • Helping the Homeless in Our Community
    5th grade students

    Woodstock Elementary, Virginia Beach, VA

    November - December 2014


    These students began learning about homelessness in Hampton Roads. They chose to do this project because homeless people do not always have the funds to pay for basic necessities such as shampoo. Toothpaste, towels or clean socks. Additionally, they began learning about decimals. As part of the homelessness unit, the students were asked to use decimals in a real world, authentic situation. The students fundraised on their own by completing extra chores, raking leaves, bake sales and car washes. They then went to Walmart to purchase hygiene kits for the homeless. They were asked to compare decimals using prices of purchased hygiene items. Additionally, they used the prices of the purchased items to solve problems. It was awesome seeing 46 fifth graders sprawled out in the aisles of Walmart working out math problems! After our exciting trip to Walmart, the students assembled 47 hygiene kits filled with love, care and concern. Along with the kits, they presented the Victory Lighthouse Homeless Shelter with a donation of $585.


    “My students are beginning to discover their place within the community and are motivated to act in response to the needs of others. They have learned that they can have a positive impact on the world around them. It has been a pleasure to watch my students as they planned and put into action their community and service activities. Throughout the process, their understanding of the issues facing the homeless grew and their compassion was immeasurable. They were not only passionate about their plan but also determined to do their best.”


  • Muttigrees Fundraiser
    Pre-K - 8th Grade

    Holliswood School, NY

    March 2015


    These students were emotionally impacted after learning about the plight of so many homeless animals in NYC and wanted to help. There were not aware of the many animals put on “Death Row” by Animal Control Centers, even when animals re healthy or in need of simple antibiotics. Students wanted to increase awareness of the problem and make a difference in the lives of these animals.


    Students and staff donated cases of individual water bottles and individually packaged snacks. They were sold at the school during Parent/Teacher afternoon and evening Conferences to raise money for Second Chance Rescue NYC, an Animal Rescue Group which saves homeless animals or those on "Death Row" that are going to be killed.


    They are also recycling the unused or gently used cardboard breakfast trays and donating them to ACT (Animals Can't Talk) rescue group for cats which uses them to feed the animals. The students raised $600 in two days and collected over 400 cardboard trays so far.


     “Our students learned about being empathetic, compassionate and responsible decision-makers. They were introduced to the concepts of social responsibility.”



  • Back a Buddy
    6th - 8th grade students

    St. Helen Catholic School, Pearland, TX

    March 2015


    The entire school collected food for the Houston Food Bank’s Backpack Buddy program and then 15 of the 7th/8th graders delivered the donations and worked at the Houston Food Bank one morning.  The students worked for 3 hours packaging rice that fed 7,056 families!

    This project helped those less fortunate or in need of help.


    “The Back Pack Buddy program had a huge impact as students learned that they were helping to feed students just like themselves who have little or nothing to eat on weekends.”


  • Blanket Making

    6th - 8th grade students

    St. Helen Catholic School, Pearland, TX

    December 2014


    These 6th-8th grade students made 35 fleece blankets for Bay Area Turning Point which provides services for battered women. The students measured, cut and tied the blankets for those in need. The blankets were donated before Christmas to be used in the winter months.


    “Our students learned to help those less fortunate.”

  • Volunteering at the Food Pantry

    Student Council Reps | Grades 3 - 5

    Lowes Island, Sterling, VA

    November - December 2014


    Student Council Association (SCA) students visited the LINK Food Pantry in Sterling Virginia. Throughout the school year, the SCA students at Lowes Island do different collections for those in need-collecting food, clothing, or toys. This opportunity allowed for students to see where the food we collect goes but to also help bag the items for families in need. The SCA helped LINK by bagging LOTS of potatoes into groups before the goods were distributed to families. Students learned that helping others is what the holiday season really is about.


    “This process taught them about the value of food and money and to be thankful for what they have.”

  • The School with a HEART

    Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School


    2014 - 2015


    Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School, a school that has 82% qualifying for free or reduced lunch, collected over $2,280 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help children with cancer. We also collected over $2,600 for the United Way Campaign this year. This school has children from 6 different homeless shelters and five of our students started a tradition last year to collect toys for the students in our school who live in shelters. The school collected over 200 toys.


    “This process taught them about the value of food and money and to be thankful for what they have.”

  • Crocheting Hats for the Community

    Students, Staff & Community Volunteers

    Beech Avenue Elementary School, Fontana, CA

    November 2014


    This project was chosen because it would a good project for kids to learn a new skill while meeting the needs of people in the community without hats. As these kids learned to crochet – they also learned to relax and have enjoyment too. They made nearly 40 hats!


    “Our kids said that crocheting was fun and that they enjoyed helping people in the community.”

  • Trick or Treat for the Food Bank

    First grade classes   55 students and 2 teachers

    First Avenue Elementary   San Manuel, AZ

    October 2014


    On October 31st, these first grade classroom went trick or treating around the school neighborhood for cans of food. The families that lived around the school participated and the first graders were extremely eager to knock on the doors and ask for a can of food to help the community food bank stock up with nonperishable food items for the upcoming holiday season.


    Living in a small rural community, they realized that many of the low income and elderly residents to not have the means to travel outside the town limits to buy every day essentials like food. This town does not have a grocery store and he nearest store with fresh produce and every day necessities is 45 miles away. These hard working 1st graders collect about 200 cans of food! This is an enormous number considering the community has many vacant houses and the students limited their walk around the streets along the school perimeter.


    “Our students learned that helping others who may not have food for the holiday is a much greater reward than trick or treating for candy.”

  • Family Needs Drive

    All 1st grade students, teachers & parents

    Rice Elementary School   Tyler, TX

    November 2014


    This school noticed that some of their students had a need for basic supplies at their home. They also knew there were others in the community with the same need, especially with the holidays approaching. Each of the first grade classrooms collected items and donated them to The Salvation Army. These first graders collected over 500 items for family needs.


    “We learned that each person can have a positive impact on the community. Our students learned the importance of helping those in need!”

  • Smiles from Art Class

    2nd, 5th and 7th grade students

    Inverness Elementary School   Inverness, MS

    March - April 2015


    These art class students learned what it felt like to give back to someone less fortunate by creating a unique gift for them. Each student created a few fabric coloring designs that were sewn into a quilt for display in the school library, bringing happiness and smiles to other students. During the project they discussed the importance of giving time, energy and effort  for a positive purpose. A second quilt is being designed to display in an Art Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi.


    “Our students had the opportunity to understand how to make someone less fortunate, smile!”

  • Missions Trip to Rancho de Sus Ninos Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico

    7th Grade students

    Baymonte Christian School   Scotts Valley, CA

    May 2015


    This 7th grade class is traveling to Tecate, Mexico to work at Rancho de Sus Ninos Orphanage.  The orphans come to Rancho with many needs and need support in many different ways. They will be there for 5 days doing a service project which may include building a structure for the orphanage.


    “WE believe that we should work for others and give to those that are less fortunate than ourselves.”


  • Mileage Club

    1st - 6th grade students and staff

    Crestridge Magnet   Omaha, NE

    March - May 2015


    A Girl Scout earned her Bronze Award after she brought the idea of a service project to her school that would help kids be more active. The school started a running club and students  were motivated by wearing special cards that were hole punched for each lap around the track. For every 16 punches – students earned a charm. Over 300 people are participated and although the outcome is measured by the number of hole punches – it is the non-tangible, physical activity and relationship-building that is really impacting this school.


    “They walk, talk, jog or run in the Mileage Club fun and inviting setting. You will always hear words of encouragement and motivation as they help each other keep going.”

Mileage Club

Trick or Treat for the Food Bank

Volunteering at the Food Pantry

Helping the Homeless in Our Community

Kindness Matters

Crunchy, Crispy Creations for Animals

Back a Buddy

Family Needs Drive

Giving Back to Our Troops

Give Warmth

Muttigrees Fundraiser

Crocheting Hats for the Community

Smiles from Art Class

Go Baby Go

The School with a Heart

Cookies for the Troops

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