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Dear Program Coordinator,


Thank you for giving your time and energy to planning The NED Show at your school! Because of your efforts, students will enjoy a fabulous character education assembly that will inspire them to be champions both at school and in life.


We want each step to be efficient for you, so we’ve provided this guide and checklist to help you coordinate our program from beginning to end.


As you plan for the assembly, we encourage you to also explore our year-round resources for teachers, parents and kids.

Coordinator Guide & Checklist A very exciting program is coming to your school.



You will receive a PRE-SHOW PACKET in the mail.

Upon receiving this envelope, call (or email) your Account Executive at 877-872-9696 if you have any questions.

Approximately 3-4 weeks before your show...

Enlist a few TEACHER/PARENT VOLUNTEERS to assist with the Pay-It-Forward sale.

FORWARD the "MEET NED" email to all staff.


Approximately one week before the show, you will receive a "Meet NED" email from us. If your school is willing to send a staff-wide email, we highly encourage you to forward this email before we visit.

Hang up the posters included in the Pre-Show Packet to announce the
big event!
Download printable
NED is Coming posters.

Print and distribute the TEACHER LETTER to your staff. This letter introduces our program, lesson plans, activities and resources.


Make copies of the PARENT LETTER (from Pre-Show Packet) and send it home with the students 1-2 days before the show.

PROMOTE the event with these web banners, buttons and press releases


A few days before your show...

1-2 weeks before your show...


Expect your performer to arrive approximately 45-60 minutes before show time.

Please be sure the person who is coordinating your Pay-It-Forward sale is available to meet with the performer for 20 minutes upon the performer's arrival.

Give the SCHOOL RESOURCE FLYER to your school counselor, behavior specialist or staff member who leads school-wide initiatives.

Give NED's OPTIMAL SEATING sheet to your custodian.

Review the SMOOTH and EFFICIENT SALE sheet.

Clear the performance area and set up a 6' table and wastebasket at least one hour before the show.


Later that day, following the show (preferred), or the next day...

SET UP designated areas for your 5-day, Pay-It-Forward sale and the NED play zone.

Display the NED ZONE sheets in the designated NED play zone.

Play the What to Know Before You Yo VIDEO at the sale area.

Make copies of NED's SIX TRIX to give to students who purchase a yo-yo.


Spanish NED's Six Trix

Once your 5-day sale is over...

Fill out the SALE AGREEMENT*.

Return the pink copy and payment in the PRE-PAID stamped envelope*.

WE PAY THE FREIGHT! This document outlines how to pack unsold items and prepare them for shipping.


These items will be
given to you from our
performer on the day of your assembly.


All year, keep NED's message in motion!

ENCOURAGE your teachers to use our website to incorporate NED into their everyday activities. There are numerous LESSON PLANS, ACTIVITIES and VIDEOS for year-round character education.

Invite staff to visit our website and SUBSCRIBE to NED's E-NEWSLETTER to receive monthly resources.

PACK & RETURN all unsold NED items using the PRE-PAID UPS LABELS we provide*.

Want to Host a Family Fun Night with NED?  Click here for details.

Acronym for NED - Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best

Inquire about a show date call:1-877-872-9696 x101

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