Employment Information

Background Check



1. Download and review the “A Summary of Your Rights Under the FCRA”  information page.


2. Download, print and complete the background check form “Pre-Employment Screening Questionnaire."  Do not delay—we won't schedule an in-person audition until we receive these documents.


• Please print clearly to be certain that all information can be read correctly.


•  You must list all the addresses you've lived at for the last 7 years. Please use complete addresses (e.g. zip codes, street names, cities). Use a separate piece of paper if needed.


•  Sign and date the bottom of the form using your full name - first, middle (not initial) and last.


3. Please fax your completed background check forms to Attention:

Human Resources at 425-977-4869.

Drug Test


Once your background check has been received a drug test will be set up for you. You should receive an email within a couple of business days with instructions on how to complete the drug test. If you do not receive the emailed instructions within a couple of business days please contact humanresources@allforkidz.com and let us know.

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