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How Are You a Leader?
2016 Poster Contest

Fall-December 1, 2016

Thank you to all who entered!


We received 2024 wonderful entries
from 21 states and 4 countries!

Participation Certificate

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David Brewer Elementary - Leavenworth, Kansas



Rice Elementary - Tyler, TX

I'm a leader by helping put the school boxes away.




Rice Elementary - Tyler, TX

I am a leader by helping someone when they're sad or lonely.

Colegrave Primary School - London, UK

How I'm a Good Leader...

Kind to people, Fairness for all, I'm very friendly and I never bully, I respect my teachers and my friends...




Annunciation - McSherrystown, PA

I am kind to people and I help people. I Never Give Up. I Encourage Others. I am helping someone up.



PS 101 The Verrazano School - Brooklyn NY

A Leader Is One Who Knows The Way and Shows It.

Year 4




Warren Park - Cicero, IL

People are leaders in their own way. I'm a leader in school for trying my best! "Hi, there"



Check out the amazing entries and the 2016 winner!


Thank you to all who entered - your artwork was amazing and inspiring!

We received nearly 3000 entries, from 32 states and 5 countries!




Grand Prize:

Esteban, 3rd Grade
Dogwood School

Heber, CA


Esteban's wonderful drawing is the winner for the 2015 Design a NED Button Contest. His wonderful illustration of a rocket ship with “Never Give Up” cleverly incorporated will become an inspiring button for children (and adults)!

Honorable Mention:

Lucas, 1st Grade
George Washington Elementary
Bethel Park, PA


We have selected Lucas’ charming drawing as an Honorable Mention for the 2015 Design a NED Button Contest.  His wonderful illustration of a “Super NED” with “Never Give Up” written in the clouds will also become an inspiring button for children (and adults)!

Runner Up:

Nabiha, 5th Grade
PS 101K

Brooklyn, NY


Her colorful portrait of NED’s face with “Never Give Up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best” included was visually stunning and notable for it’s originality!

Runner Up:

Chris, Year 4
Pārāwai School
Thames, New Zealand


His colorful portrait of NED’s face with “Never Give Up” included was delightful and notable for it’s colorful layout.


Highland Elementary "Go Baby Go" - Winner of $300 grant

Central Primary "Kindness Matters" - Winner of Employee-funded mini grant

Check out ALL of the  AMAZING entries!


This past fall The NED Show invited students across the nation to participate in a special “Show Your NED Spirit” contest. In response, we received a delightful batch of videos that included cheers, raps, dances, and songs. After careful deliberation, we selected three ‘NED Spirit’ videos to publicly honor as our winners!


Drum roll please…

Our Grand Prize goes to the students of Ellis Elementary in Logan, UT! Advised by Greg Cox, these students created an inspiring video that tells others the way to live life according to the NED principles. As part of their prize, these students won a NED item for every student in their school!


Congratulations to everyone who took part in creating this prize winning NED video! To discover why this NED song could easily be the best minute of your entire week, press play!

The NED Cup Song

We’re also excited to recognize two more entries as Honorable Mentions!

Students of Kaechele Elementary in Glen Allen, VA created a three part rap that shares the message of NED.  This clever rap talks about seeing jobs through, cooperating, and all the fun that comes by doing our best. Congrats to Karen Shaia and her students for being selected as an Honorable Mention!

Our final Honorable Mention goes the impressive squad of students from Rice Elementary in Tyler, TX. These creative students formed a NED Cheer that sounds off the acronym in a way that will leave you cheering for NED for hours upon hours!Thanks to Diana Koop for submitting this cheer, and congrats to all the cheering students at Rice!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners!

Carl, Maloree and Emlyn

Thank you to all that entered!
We received many wonderful works of art illustrating the numerous ways we can show kindness to others.



1st Grader at Howe Elementary – Mt Lebanon, PA


We are delighted to present Carl, a first grade student at Howe Elementary, with a grand prize award in NED’s Art Contest!


We LOVED that Carl filled his page full of creative and artistic details. Some of the favorites were the girl’s polka-dotted skirt, the boy’s “patch” on his jeans, and also the way that both characters were posed with friendly, open arms.  All these details add a great backdrop to the story of kindness in the dialogue.  The two characters start off strangers, but because of Carl’s kind invitation to get lunch together, they’ll end up friends. What a clear, fun, and well illustrated picture of kindness.



Way to go, Carl!


4th grader, West Bainbridge Elementary – Bainbridge, GA


We are excited to announce that a grand prize for NED’s Art Contest will be going to Maloree, a fourth grade student at West Bainbridge Elementary!


We LOVED that Maloree makes every person in her scene a champion.  In the background there are encouraging fans, and in the foreground there are two champion runners – one boy and one girl. But, instead of acting like opponents, they act as friends! And in a race, what could be friendlier than offering up a drink of water to a thirsty racer? In her impeccably colored artwork, Maloree shows an entire community of kindness, and it is so wonderful to see!



Congrats, Maloree!


5th grader at White Station Elementary – Memphis, TN


We are thrilled to award a grand prize to Emlyn, a fifth grade student at White Station Elementary, for the work that they entered into NED’s Art Contest!


We LOVED that Emlyn painted a scene that included differences such as race and skin color, physical traits, even gender! Emlyn illustrated a scene where all these differences are bridged by a single kind compliment. It goes to show how a few kind words can help create a community full of connection rather than division. We also loved that the scene takes place in front of a bulletin board that is full of “Hopes and Dreams.” Very beautiful, and fitting!


Incredible art, Emlyn!

FALL 2013

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners!


Click on name to read essay


    Varun  1st Grade, Richneck Elementary   Newport News, VA

    “How has NED helped you to be a better friend?”

    I would say it is all in the name. NED has the three most important examples of things to do to be a better friend.


    If I Never Give Up and Do My Best (the N and the D) I will be setting examples so my friends will emulate me.


    If I Encourage Others (the E) I am making my friends feel good and they will like me.

    I have learned from NED to always follow his name to be a better friend to everyone. He has also helped me develop new friendships.

    I will treat every friend that I meet with the example set by NED. I will inspire them in turn to treat their friends in the same way.


    I think NED is the best ever because he helped me improve myself so much in being a better friend.


  • 2-3 CATEGORY

    Sydney   3rd Grade, Ross Elementary    League City, TX

    How has NED helped you take a stand against bullying?


    Bullying is a very hurtful thing.  I know… because I have been bullied.  It made me feel so bad about myself… like I had no friends and no one to take up for me.  The NED program has helped me take a stand against bullying by teaching me how to not let bullies make me feel so bad and how I should help others that are being bullied by being a friend to them.


     I think bullying is very wrong. I don’t know why people treat other people like they have no feelings. NED has helped me by teaching me that if I am the person being bullied I should tell an adult. I am seeing a lot of bullying this year. I have learned from seeing people being bullied to never to grow up to treat people like that. Bullying has changed my life a lot. Like how much I tell on people for hurting people’s feelings and just hurting people with their fists. And how much I stick up for other people when they are getting bullied. If I were the bully I would try to fight back all those hurtful things I would want to say to someone else. Bullying should be stopped some day in the future. If bullying ever is stopped I will be so so happy. If it is stopped it would be a miracle because everyone that is being bullied will finally be free. People will be able to do something that could be embarrassing but no one would laugh at them. If bullying stopped everyone would be smiling and playing around outside and inside and everyone could be friends and respect each other. If you are reading this I hope you don’t have a friend that is being bullied but if they are will you please stand up to the bully and confront the bully and tell them what they are doing is wrong.         

  • 4-6 CATEGORY

    Destiny   6th Grade, Highland Elementary    Hamilton, OH

    My Thoughts on NED


    NED helped me be a better friend because he helped me understand that arguing isn’t the answer. Honestly, I used to be sort of a bully. I don't’ know why, I just was. I was always pushing kids around. I didn’t really think about it. It wasn’t something I was proud of or am now for that matter. Now, NED has helped me know that I should not do these things. I should talk it over with my friends instead of making things more complicated than they need to be. My friends and I are now closer than ever and I am very proud of myself and very thankful of NED.


    NED has also helped me take a stand against bullying by showing me that if you are an upstander, you are someone who helps others, makes people happier, and makes new friends. All you have to do is stand up to bullies. NED is an outstanding character and I’m sure that lots of people wish they could be like him. I know I do. This may sound weird, but I am kind of an upstander to myself. Every time I find myself being rude or mean or just bullying, I stop myself and say in my head, “No, this is not right, and this is not fair.”


    NED has made me a better person and I thank him dearly. He always does the right thing, but overall everyone makes mistakes.


    Never give up

    Encourage others

    Do your best     


Acronym for NED - Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best

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