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NED makes learning about character fun!

NED's message is simple and easy for kids to apply at school and at home.


Watch this short video to see what kids experience at The NED Show assembly.


NED can make a big difference for your kids!


This assembly program brings a positive message with humor, storytelling, audience participation and memorable object lessons with yo-yo and magic tricks. We support and enhance your school's efforts to help kids become champions.


•  The NED Show receives no outside funding and visits at no cost to your school.
•  When you purchase a yo, you help Pay-It-Forward to another school!

Course of Action - Responsibility Chart

Responsibility is fun and rewarding...with this interactive responsibility chart. Discuss with your child what his/her reward will be when he/she has reached the finish line!

Responsibility Charts

Healthy Habits

Champion Choices

Family Question Cube

Art Projects

   and More!


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The NED® Yo is a great beginner yo-yo designed for an easy return to your hand after each throw.

Glow-in-the-dark pog

Hitched for quick return

The Cosmic Spin 2®
is designed for advanced tricks. It is a ‘sleeper-style’ yo-yo.

Professional ball-bearing yo

Long spins for string tricks

The Boomerang®
is an innovative yo-yo with a built-in clutch that can ‘sleep’ (stay spinning after you throw) and auto-return to your hand on its own.

$10 Includes Bonus Pack

$13 Includes Bonus Pack

$18 Includes Bonus Pack


Yo-Yo Holster $4

By purchasing a yo, you help send The NED Show to another school!

The yo-yo provides a fun way for kids to practice N.E.D!

10 strings

assorted colors

Incorporate NED at home!

NED Makes a Difference


One School's Story

Learn to Yo

Acronym for NED - Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best
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