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Keep Kindness Going 2016


  • Pay-it-Forward Water Drive for Flint
    All of the school children

    St. Mary Catholic School - Pinckney, Michigan

    March 2016


    We heard through the news that the water in Flint Michigan was contaminated and the whole community was in need of water to drink, cook, clean, and bath with. Our school wanted to help another Catholic school in this area so the students will have water during the day to drink while at school.


    Students collected bottles of water and gallon jugs of water for another Catholic school in Flint Michigan. Their water contains lead and is undrinkable.


    The school collected numerous cases of water and gallons jugs of water. We had 90% participation of the school.


    “Students learned about showing compassion and generosity for others and giving hope to others that someone cares about them.”




  • Super Hero Day
    4th grade Student Council Members

    Audubon Elementary - Eagleville, PA

    February 26, 2016


    Student Council members made and sold 450+ masks to raise over $500 for the Snack Back Pack Program. The SBP programs sends 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, assorted snacks, drinks and fresh fruit each Friday to 30 children whose families have financial difficulties.


    Student Council members gave up recesses for 2 weeks to make the masks.

    It was a lot of hard work, but they listened to music, chatted with friends and

    felt proud about the finished products.



    “Students learned that they can feel proud about giving up play time for a good cause. They were amazed that they were able to raise that much money.”

  • Brown Bag Program - Winner!
    Entire School (early childhood to grade 6)

    Peconic Community School - Aquebogue, NY

    On-going weekly effort


    We found a local couple who has been feeding homeless people each weekend in hopes of gaining trust so they can help them eventually get off the streets, out of unsafe shelters and into rehabs and hospitals if necessary. They do not have the means to make sandwiches each week, so our school helps by making them, creating cards of encouragement to place in the bags and decorating the bags. The youngest children decorate cards and bags and the oldest fundraise to earn money to purchase ingredients for sandwiches, snacks, water bottles, etc. My own children help me deliver each Saturday morning to sites where homeless people actually live in the woods and behind local shopping centers.


    After building a trust and relationship with some members of the homeless community, a gentleman who delivers our sandwiches has communicated with various people who have utilized his help in getting off the streets and some going to rehab. A few have actually done so well that they are now productive members of society with families of their own..


    “The students now realize how fortunate they are and how to not make fun of people on the street (bums as they used to call them). They have compassion for humanity and understand there is a story behind every person. They look forward to making these sandwiches and at times, also make personal care item bags to give away. They wanted to do this after I showed them pictures of the “camps” where homeless people lived. They had a lot of questions and wanted to know how they brushed their teeth, stayed warm, etc.”

  • Fairview Flood Relief
    Faculty/Staff/Parents and Students of Fairview Alpha Elementary, approximately 250 people

    Fairview Alpha Elementary - Campti, Louisiana

    March 15, 2016


    On March 9, 2016 our community was hit by a weather system that dropped approximately 27 inches of rain in less than 4 days. Major flooding of homes affected the people in our community. On March 15, 2016 when the roads had cleared enough to gather; we worked together to collect school, church, and play clothes for our friends and family that had lost everything in the flood.


    This project was a sudden heart felt gesture because our friends and family were hurting from the loss of their belongings. We had approximately 100 students and 4 teachers that lost everything in the sudden rise of water. Families are still displaced and trying to get their normalcy back together.


    We collected 16 boxes of school uniforms, 2- 50 gallon tubs of tennis shoes, 18 large bags of play clothes and multiple boxes of household necessities in a matter of hours to help our friends.


    “We learned that children feel more pain when they lose their things in devastation. Adults understand that items are material and can be replaced, children are attached to their items. We were able to provide a few things that lifted the spirits of the children in this time of great loss.”

  • Towel-Blanket project
    Our school, parish, and Tufts Floating Hospital for Children in Boston

    St. Joseph School of All Saints Parish - Haverhill, Massachusetts



    One of our 6th graders has been an out-patient at that Tufts Floating Hospital for Children since she was about 3 years old. Her grandmother sent her with a homemade towel-blanket so that either side could be used.


    People donate a bath/beach towel and one yard of polar fleece (or $10). Mrs. Lyons sews them together. They are sent to the children’s hospital to be given out to long-term patients.


    Each child that contributes, gets his/her name in a raffle. Mrs. Lyons will make a blanket of their choice if their name is chosen. The Student Council members will deliver the latest batch of blankets in May--approximately 120 of them were made since September, adding up to a total of about 1500 blankets since 2009!


    “The children have learned how important it is to think of others. Even though they are young, there is a way for all to contribute to our society’s needs. When we hear the stories of how the sick children react to the gift, it makes all of us so happy!”



  • Service Marathon
    All students K-6 and MANY parents

    St. Joseph’s School - Grand Rapids, MN

    October of each year


    Annually, we rake the yards (and dispose of the leaves) of 18-24 people in our community of Grand Rapids who are unable to do so because of age, health reasons, or disability. We do not charge those for whom we do this service.


    We collect “payment” from individuals and sponsors to do this. Money supports our private school AND each year we partner with a community non-profit, donate part of our proceeds to them and learn about what they do in our community through their presentations to our students.


    This past year-18 yards cleaned up and a $1500 donation given to CARE FORE KIDS which purchases equipment and some nice extras for children who need to visit our local clinic and hospital..


    “We are called to participate in community and help those who are in need.”

  • Heritage’s Random Acts of Kindness - Chain Reaction
    K-8th grade; 754 students

    Heritage Elementary - Glendale, Arizona

    Feb. 8th-15th and on February 17, 2016


    On February 17th our school celebrated “National Random Acts of Kindness Day.” The students pledged to help others by doing random acts of kindness for one week prior to February 17th. Our students were then asked to write down two random acts of kindness that they performed on a paper link. We then created a chain that symbolized a chain reaction of kindness­­—showing good character, being good citizens in the community and taking the time to show others that we care. Along with our kindness chain, various quotes were placed around the campus to help remind students that being kind is easy. Kindness can have a ripple effect, and it also makes you feel good when you can help someone else.


    “Kindness is a “CHAIN REACTION!” Students learned that being kind and helping others makes you feel good. Doing random acts of kindness for a stranger or for a family member is easy to do and it makes a big difference. Students were proud of their accomplishments and their parents were involved as well. It was a great project that taught our students, families and community a valuable lesson about helping one another.”


  • Community Service Pen-Pal club
    38 Students and about 70 Senior Citizens

    St. Michael the Archangel Regional School - Clayton, New Jersey

    It happened 4 years ago and is still going on. Students are from 4th grade to 8th grade


    Students study Religion in their classroom and learn everyday how to care for others, respect others as well as pray for people who are sick, lonely and home bound. Students will pledge to write monthly letters to them as well as pray for them.


    I felt that it is important for students to learn how to care, love and respect others especially Elderly people.  The results are excellent, seniors LOVE IT and they look forward to hearing from the students. Students may or may not know their pen-pals, but around April or May we give a party in their honor, we average 50+ those who accompany them. Students prepare a little entertainment for them, as well as parents prepare some refreshments for them.


    “Students learn to give joy to others, spread love as well as learn how others feel with their little kindness. Seniors look forward to receive from their pen-pals. Ever year is a great success. This year our party is April 29. I will send you pictures . Every year students drop and students join. Seniors come in wheelchairs and canes too.”



  • H2O For Life and PS 101 Partnership
    All K-5 Classes, 900 students

    PS 101 Brooklyn, NY

    Organize in March and carried out throughout April



    1. Teachers share lessons provided by H2O for Schools to teach children about the global water crisis.
    2. Training sessions with 5th grade volunteers. The training sessions include creating posters to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis and our partner school that we are raising money for.
    3. The trained 5th grade students will go into K-2 classrooms to teach the younger students about what they have learned. These lessons will be video recorded and sent to our partner school.
    4. Next, students share PSAs about the project on the morning announcements.
    5. We will have a “Stop, DROP, and H2O!” The entire school will dedicate a period to creating a craft, card, letter, or poster about the global water crisis. These crafts will be on display the following day. Letters, cards, and crafts will also be sent to our partner school.
    6. On Earth Day, we will have a School Spirit Day. The school will be decorated, everyone will wear BLUE, and we will have a bake sale with a table promoting our project in order to raise awareness and funds for our partner school.
    7. A letter will be sent home to parents asking them to visit our school’s website or send in money to donate to this cause.



    We are on our way to raising $1,400 to donate to h2o for Life Schools, which will go towards building a water well at our partner school, Chironta Primary School, in Ethiopia!


    “Students learned about other communities, learned how to be kind to our Earth, and also learned the value of a simple and generous act can have for communities around the world.”


  • 1040i Back to School Initiative

    All Elementary K-5 Classes (401 students)

    Scott Teays Elementary - Scott Depot, WV

    March and April


    Our fourth grade students spear-headed this project. They divided into a sales team, a supply team, and a creative team to raise money to provide backpacks filled with school supplies for kids in Africa via the organization 1040i.


    We brought in a local doctor who goes to Africa each year with 1040i to talk to the students and show photos and videos of the work they are doing there. Parents will also be contributing drawstring bags, school supplies, and additional money at our Leadership Day event on April 18.


    This year,1040i requested backpacks and school supplies for the students there because many African children cannot attend school simply because they cannot afford to purchase supplies. We raised enough money to provide 100 backpacks filled with school supplies to children in Africa.


    “They also learned that even though they are small and young, they still have the ability to impact the world around them. They are so excited to know that they are making a difference in the lives of other children just like themselves! And because of them, 100 students will now be able to attend school in Africa. We hope to continue to support 1040i in future projects as well.”

  • Everyday People

    6th grade SWAG (Students With Anti-bullying Goals) Club

    Our Lady Queen of Heaven - Lake Charles, LA

    March 2016


    We made a video that showcases the individual differences of all of our 6th grade students. You can see baseball players, artists, readers, Boy Scouts, etc. The video sends the message that we are all important and it doesn’t matter what group we are in.


    Our anti-bullying club SWAG encourages our students to be Upstanders (people who work together to prevent, stop, and heal the harm that bullying does to everyone) instead of being bystanders. We come together to create an Upstander Alliance to prevent negative behaviors, improve our school/community, and promote a safe, respectful, and inclusive place where everyone is free to be themselves and become their best. The video that we made is a perfect example of what we are trying to promote. In this video, everyone is encouraged to be themselves.





    “We learned how to work as a team. We learned that everyone has a special talent and that we are all unique. Some people are good at sports, and others are not. Some are good academically, but some struggle in school. If we know our weaknesses and we know other’s strengths, we can work together to accomplish anything. Also, our elementary students look up to our junior high kids. This video really made an impact on our younger students. They have followed the lead of the junior high and are being more kind and accepting of individual differences. We are keeping kindness going in Our Lady Queen of Heaven School!"

  • Kindness Project (Collection for Ronald McDonald House)

    All Elementary K-5 Classes, Organized by the Mentors & Mediators (M&M)

    Mooreland Elementary School - Carlisle, Pennsylvania

    March - April 2016


    The M&M (Mentors & Mediators) group at the elementary school learned about the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The Ronald McDonald House provides temporary housing (at no charge) to families of seriously ill children who are being treated at the local Children’s Hospital (Penn State Hershey).

    A representative came to the school and gave a presentation about the Ronald McDonald House, the students wanted to visit and volunteer at the house. Because this wasn’t possible, they decided to collect items for the house (go to the children and their families).


    We put bins in the classrooms, near the office, and sent notes home to inform families of the collection.


    Each grade collect different items and we were able to fill a car with all the donated materials. The items were part of a wish list that the Ronald McDonald House Charities had directly mentioned they were in need of. Here is a list of items that were collected; hot chocolate packets, travel size toothbrushes/toothpaste, travel size conditioner, Kerrig refills, color pencils, construction paper, coloring books, and crayons.


    The students at Mooreland are also going to write letters/cards to the children and their families at the Ronald McDonald House.



    “Students learned about the needs of other children (especially those who are sick). The students were able to understand and feel the “spirit” of giving, acknowledging that acts of kindness (even simple acts) can mean a great deal to those receiving the donations (being affected by the kindness). These acts of kindness can bring more comfort to a family and child who are suffering from a sickness/illness."

  • Law Enforcement Appreciation

    3rd grade students

    Mountain View Core Knowledge School - Canon City, CO

    September 2015


    We wanted our local law enforcement to know that they are appreciated for all they do. Students often don’t realize how vital law enforcement is and all they do to keep our community and schools safe. All too often, law enforcement is under appreciated and we wanted them to know that we care about them. It’s not an easy job, and we can’t express our gratitude enough for the risks they take everyday.


    Our 3rd grade classroom put together over 150 goodie bags for our local Police Department and Sheriff’s Department. The students also created posters for the law enforcement to hang at their buildings. The students wrote letter of appreciation to both agencies and we bound them in a book for the officers to keep in a central location where they could read the letters when they needed a reminder of why they do what they do. We then invited officers from each agency to our classroom where we did a short presentation of thanks. The officers then answered questions for the students.


    “We learned that by doing things for others, we feel good and happy. It’s not always about receiving, but about giving back!"

  • Help Us End Hunger

    4th and 5th Grade Students, Staff

    Tryon Elementary School - Bessemer City, North Carolina

    March 2016


    In their fourth grade class, Malia and Erin were given an assignment to research and report about a social issue that concerned them. The two girls independently chose to research hunger in North Carolina. In their research, they found that many people in North Carolina, including many children, suffer from hunger on a daily basis. The girls both decided they wanted to do something to help fight hunger, and their teacher gave them the free reign to turn their passion into action. They organized a one-week canned food drive at Tryon Elementary by personally asking permission from the School Improvement Team, making fliers, coming up with incentives (but no prizes… only certificates and bragging rights, and requesting that announcements be made over the school intercom.


    The girls will plan the menu, organize and mobilize the Tryon staff to help prepare the food, and help serve and clean up after the meal. We are very proud of their compassion for others and their willingness to get involved to help with a very important social issue.


    "Students learned that they have a voice! Their ideas are important and will be heard when they share their desires with others. These two girls learned the power of “one” and their classmates learned that they too can spring into action when they learn about social issues they affect them or the community around them. With our 4th graders’ teamwork, the staff at our school learned that our students truly have big heart, big ideas, and big plans to make this world a better place!"

  • Paws For A Book

    43 students in 2nd-5th Grade

    Mackensen Elementary - Bay City, MI

    Throughout the 2015-2016 school year


    Students visited a home for the elderly and read to, sang for, visited with, recited poetry to, and gave homemade gifts tot he residents there. They practiced for several weeks during lunch recesses and after school hours to prepare for the trip.


    Our goal is to spread literacy awareness while spreading kindness and offering students opportunities for volunteerism. The results were wonderful! There were smart keys all-around as students on TEAM PAWS visited with elderly residents at an assisted-living home.


    "The students learned the importance of empathy and spreading kindness while compassionately connecting with elderly residents up to 10X their own age."

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